Thursday, June 30, 2011

FESTIVALS -Attending

Annecy 2011. Awesome.

FESTIVALS -Participation

Soooo... Long time no blog. I have lots to update. Might do it over a few updates.

First up. I came first in the Tyrell CCT Sutdent Film Compeition in the best creative short section. Unfortunately I wasn't there to pick up my award so I have simulated my presence in the photo above using state of the art technology and computer graphics.

My film Nude is also in two online film festivals, which is fantastic but I need your vote to win the each of the competitions. If I win I will be screened at the real life festivals. Yay!

(Voting is open from now til sometime in September)

(The online voting started on June 22nd and will be opened until July 23rd)

The film was also chosen for a youtube weekly film festival called "Once a week film fest".
That was also pretty cool cos I got to interact with the audience in the comments section.