Friday, October 30, 2009


Begin log entry-
Captains (b)Log.
Food and water low. Moral even lower. I can hear to wolves in the distance. Howling. Mocking us. Watching and waiting for the next one of us to fall victim.. I do not fear too much though. It is not that I think I can outrun a wolf, but I know I can outrun Wilks and that's what really matters.
-End log entry

So this is my first ever blog so be gentle, although this whole thing is a bit egotistical as I have no entourage of ghouls to metaphorically suck my cock. Also I don't think anyone would be arsed to look at this thing. I'll probably get bored of this in about two weeks.

Oh yeah the above images are example layouts to be included in my production manual for my grad film. One image is the alley entrance to a kind of red light district where people get their kicks out of wearing clothes and the other is the actual red light district. The production manual is due in about seven days.

I'm doomed.