Saturday, February 20, 2010


Begin log entry-

Captains (b)Log.

Finally finished my thesis for this year.

Thank god.

I had lots of fun writing this and I will deeply miss our late nights spent together with me consuming high amounts of sugary caffeine filled liquids during the all nighter sessions and gaining agonising back and wrist pains which still do spring up from time to time. A little momento of my good friend Thesis.

You shall be missed.

On other news the class is going out on a bender on Monday. I hope everyone remembered to print an extra copy of their thesis to burn in the bonfire. As a symbol of our love for them of course.

-End log entry

Friday, February 5, 2010

Chris Judge

Begin log entry-

Captains (b)Log.

Yeah so we had Chris Judge drop up to the college for a lecture which was organised by CAS (Collaborative Arts Society) and I managed to snag a kick ass print. I'm uber happy. I'm going to frame it and love it forever. Not only that but there was a feast of cake afterward and all were merry in diabetic induced comas.

-End log entry
This be the print titled "Winter Walk".

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The princess and the frog

Begin log entry-

Captains (b)Log.

I was lucky enough to attend the Irish premiere of Disney's The princess and the frog. Got to meet some of the peeps involved so that was awesome. It was absolutely jammed though. Kids were dressed up as frogs and princess's (if that's how you spell that) and it was loads of fun. Also went to a lecture with Andreas Deja and Peter Del Vecho the next morning which was nice. I'll stick up some photos later.

Props to Jenny once again for being on the ball and bringing a camera with her to these things. Check out her blog.

The truth of the matter is that I actually photoshopped myself into these photos. Hence the same pose in every one of them. Its a conspiracy! Jim Corr would be proud of me.

-End log entry
(In order from left to right)
Simon Cowell. I mean, myself, Anika Noni Rose AKA: Tiana, Jenny Keane

It was really cool that Jenny took a time out of her glamourized lifestyle to take a picture with myself and Anika. We were both thrilled. The legendary Jenny! Who's have thought it. Anika was even hyperventilating.
Myself and Director Ron Clements
Myself, Director John Musker and Jenny Keane