Friday, December 18, 2009


Begin log entry-
Captains (b)Log

SecretWars. 20 artists. 2x4 foot canvas. 90 minutes.

That sums up SecretWars pretty much. A group of 20 artists battle it out in a qualifying round to get onto team dublin. We were given a canvas of 2x4 foot to display our kung fu in 90 minutes.

A bunch of the guys from college got together and we did what we do best. Got drunk and drew. I had a great time and I will definately be doing it again. I recommend this for a night out , even if you are just there to watch.

Check out their blog:

This was my entry for the competition.
This is the gang (from left to right) Leigh Arthur, Conall Kelleher, Conor Finnegan and Rachel Feury and below is their corresponding art.
Here's some random boards I snapped.
And here are the winning boards
This is the madness that is Secretwars. (where's Rasta Wally?)

-End log entry


  1. lovely efficiency col & nice photographs.

    (btw, i thought that 'hobo-geisha-babies-tentacles' one won being the captain?)

  2. yeah i'm fairly sure that was drawn by one of the guys already on the team for kicks but he didn't actually win anything from doing it. Or maybe he did. I dunno.

  3. yay nice post colin! nice to see our URBAN POETRY on the internets u.u xx